Sunday, April 10, 2011

World Record

This morning we went to church, grocery shopping, and lunch all before 12:30! I am pretty proud of the 4 of us. Jovie is growing fast and sleeping from about 10-2 and then waking up every 3 hours, so I am getting a little more sleep. We had a great week with appointments, playing, and getting a few things marked off the to-do list. Jeremy is half way done with paternity leave, so we are going to soak up every minute of these next 6 weeks. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but we are enjoying our time together!

Jovie has been smiling at us for 2 weeks and is getting better head control.

Sweet girl all swaddled.

Haven, Jovie, and the baby doll that was bigger than Jovie.

Jovie and Sawyer chillin on the big dog.

Haven and Jovie relaxing. Haven seems like a giant these days.

We like to set up little scenes and Haven wanted a picture of this one.


  1. Who is that little baby in the first picture!? She looks so different with her eyes open and since she's growing so much. We are enjoying getting to know her!

  2. Precious! And impressive on all you got done before 12:30 today! Jovie really looks like she's growing a lot! Lucy is just on the cusp of big smiles at us & she is also a lot more awake & alert these days! We go for her 1 month tomorrow.