Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday, we visited Zootastic in Troutman. We had a great time learning so much about all of their animals, playing, and having a picnic. They have lots of farms animals, a camel, emus, ostriches, llamas, alpacas, tigers, monkeys, leimers, kangaroos, birds, a baby bear, chinchillas, and many more. Haven got to pet a lot of them and feed them. We really enjoyed the tour and then we got to run around and see our favorite things again. It was the perfect time to go because lots of babies had just been born. They lost a lot of their roofs in the tornadoes recently, but luckily no animals were injured.

Haven enjoyed petting the chicks.
This baby had just been born Thursday. The ostriches had a lasting impact on Haven because of how fast they could peck her bowl of food.Dally, the lamb, was our tour guide's "baby." She is raising it because the mom rejected her.The baby bear was our favorite. It was cute.
Haven loved spending time with her daddy.
Jovie and I enjoyed ourselves too. She slept and ate. I was the photographer.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 months old and Easter 2011

Jovie is 2 months old today. She is smiling at us and rolled over from her back to belly once yesterday. She has started to coo a little and she is sleeping a good 4-5 block at night. She is super cute and we love that she is growing so much.

We started our Easter celebrations with a party and egg hunt at our house last week. Haven had so much fun with her friends.

Today we we went to church and visited with Jeremy's family. Our girls looked so pretty in their dresses and we had fun playing outside.

Haven enjoyed growing through her basket.

Sweet girls!

Our first Easter as a family of four!

Let the egg hunting begin!

Meems and Jovie trying to stay cool.

Jackie and Haven blowing bubbles.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

our easter bunnies

I can't believe we have two, sweet Easter bunnies this year!

Sister bunnies!

Jovie's eyes smile for real!

Here is Haven in April 2009 at 4 months old.

Switched ears!

Monday, April 18, 2011


This past week was a week of firsts. Momma got her first haircut since giving birth to a baby! Praise the Lord! Jovie got to ride in the wrap for the first time. Jovie also slept a few nights in a row and only got up once between 2 and 3 am.

We also went on our first trip as a family of four and it went incredibly smooth! We had so much fun at Oak Island. Haven was in heaven with a new house, new toys, and the ocean. It was really cold, but she and Jeremy played in the water.

Pop and Haven

Both girls slept on the way home!

We stopped in Mint Hill on the way home and finally got a picture of both girls with Jeremy's parents.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

World Record

This morning we went to church, grocery shopping, and lunch all before 12:30! I am pretty proud of the 4 of us. Jovie is growing fast and sleeping from about 10-2 and then waking up every 3 hours, so I am getting a little more sleep. We had a great week with appointments, playing, and getting a few things marked off the to-do list. Jeremy is half way done with paternity leave, so we are going to soak up every minute of these next 6 weeks. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but we are enjoying our time together!

Jovie has been smiling at us for 2 weeks and is getting better head control.

Sweet girl all swaddled.

Haven, Jovie, and the baby doll that was bigger than Jovie.

Jovie and Sawyer chillin on the big dog.

Haven and Jovie relaxing. Haven seems like a giant these days.

We like to set up little scenes and Haven wanted a picture of this one.