Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our New Life

Leaving the hospital in the huge carseat.

We've been home 1.5 days and life is good! Our stay at the hospital was wonderful (compared to our time with Haven in the NICU). It was so nice to have Jovie in the room with us and to have friends and family come visit her freely. We feel so blessed and are so thankful for all of the support during this pregnacy and delivery.

Haven holding Jovie for the first time. She was so proud.

Haven is doing wonderful, thanks to being given great care by her aunts and grandmothers. She seems to really love Jovie and has only cried a few times and those have involved candy and the potty. She also did #1 and #2 in the potty over the weekend without us around. Hopefully, that means she is going to potty train herself or maybe cousin Bethany will potty train her.

1st night with bedtime stories.

We had a first great night at home. I got up (with Jeremy's arms pulling me out of the bed) every 3 hours to feed the baby and then she went right back to sleep and so did I. I am feeling good other than not being able to laugh or cough too hard and my legs are still puffy and feel weird.

Our sweet girls

Jovie had a frenulectomy(tongue-tied) today, but she has taken it like a champ and just drank a bottle like a pro and is now resting on my chest.


  1. Jovie is completely adorable!! I love that last picture of her & Haven together! And that is great about the potty training for Haven...I'm not even going to attempt it yet for Drew! You look fantastic, as well!

  2. awww! can't wait to meet her! glad you had a wonderful hospital stay this time!

  3. OHMY they both are too adorable =)