Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Due date

One month old!

Yesterday was the day Jovie was due. We went to the doctor Monday and she was 6lbs. 8oz and 20.5 inches long. The doctor was happy with her growth and progress. Just over the past few days Jovie is staying awake longer and crying much louder and longer. She definitely woke up near her due date. She is super sweet and snuggly.

Amber and I and our baby girls. Our big girls are playing together in the picture below.

Friday we got to visit with the Norkett/McGinnis Family. It was so good to see Amber's parents while they were in town. I love that Amber and I will get to experience life with two girls together!

Haven showing how big she is beside her sister.

Jovie in the outfit she was supposed to come home from the hospital in. It just now fits.
Haven showing off her new skill of "picking" and her booboo on her nose while holding her crying sister.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Newborn Pictures

Our friend, Taylor with Lucy Parker Photography took these shots when Jovie was 2 weeks old. I love having her petiteness captured. She is so sweet.

Monday, March 21, 2011

35 years Serving the Lord

My parents were recently honored for 35 years of service at their church which began before my sister and I were born. They have given time weekly to teach kids about God, country, and nature through Missionettes and Royal Rangers. My sister and I have always loved getting to enjoy the activities with them. I am thankful to have parents that serve and have taught us about what really matters in life.

Wendy, Mom, and me(in the stroller) in this picture at one of the Powwows for Camp-a-ramas.

My mom and dad are probably around my age in these pictures.

My dad hanging out with young boys. Just being there for kids is what really matters so much.

Spring is Here!

We have loved getting out of the house a little, since it has gotten warmer. Jeremy is on paternity leave and we have enjoyed everyday feeling like a Saturday. Last Thursday, we went to the park for some playtime and lunch.

Precious Libby Norkett was born last Tuesday and is as sweet as can be. We can't wait to spend more time with them over the next few months.

The trees and bushes are blooming. I love all of the new life God is creating.

Here's Jovie in a newborn outfit from Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Jim. So cute!

Just for kicks. Here are pictures of me and Jeremy as babies. Jovie is definitely a mix. She has my hairline but with darker hair and a version of my nose. She has Jeremy's lip area.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Last Week

Daddy and his girls hanging out.

Haven playing with friends.

Jovie's first bath.

Tea Parties with Daddy.

Tea parties while laying on Daddy.


Jovie's first Doctor visit with big sister's help.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our New Life

Leaving the hospital in the huge carseat.

We've been home 1.5 days and life is good! Our stay at the hospital was wonderful (compared to our time with Haven in the NICU). It was so nice to have Jovie in the room with us and to have friends and family come visit her freely. We feel so blessed and are so thankful for all of the support during this pregnacy and delivery.

Haven holding Jovie for the first time. She was so proud.

Haven is doing wonderful, thanks to being given great care by her aunts and grandmothers. She seems to really love Jovie and has only cried a few times and those have involved candy and the potty. She also did #1 and #2 in the potty over the weekend without us around. Hopefully, that means she is going to potty train herself or maybe cousin Bethany will potty train her.

1st night with bedtime stories.

We had a first great night at home. I got up (with Jeremy's arms pulling me out of the bed) every 3 hours to feed the baby and then she went right back to sleep and so did I. I am feeling good other than not being able to laugh or cough too hard and my legs are still puffy and feel weird.

Our sweet girls

Jovie had a frenulectomy(tongue-tied) today, but she has taken it like a champ and just drank a bottle like a pro and is now resting on my chest.