Thursday, February 17, 2011


We have all three been sick for the last few weeks with the runny nose, stuffy head, and cough stuff. Haven and I had it and then got better. Jeremy got it and got on an antibiotic. Haven and I got it again with a nasty cough and now both of us are on medicine. We really want to get better before Jovie arrives, but also so that we can see our friends over the next few weeks. Haven begs to go visit her friends and she misses them so much. I miss seeing people too, although I have seen a lot of doctors and walmart pharmicists.

Haven didn't like the mask that came with the nebulizer, but she loves the pacifier. She never liked them, but she loves this one. She just chews on it. She also loves to pat and talk to her panda bear. She tells him, "Good job, boy!"

I have had a few NSTs (non-stress tests) lately to check Jovie's movement and heartrate. She has been a ham when they hook me up to the monitors, but then she barely moves for me at all at home. We are so thankful that at 34 weeks and a few days she is still growing inside and we hope to keep it this way for a few more weeks. However, I must admit that I am a pretty, grumpy pregnant lady. It is hard!

Haven wanted me to take a picture of her and her cracker. She is so funny.


  1. she just made me laugh out cute!

  2. i had no idea they made a pacifier attachement for the nebulizer. that would have made life so much easier when my middle child had to do treatments every 4 hours for weeks after having RSV and when my youngest had to do them for a short period of time. we've been through 2 nebulizers.

    love haven's sweet smile (and her cracker...too cute)

  3. Lol, love that cute pic of Haven with her kids are always asking me to "Take a picture of this, Mommy, & put it on your blog!"
    So sorry to hear you have all been sick...we have had it here, too, and it is the pits! Praying for good health for our deliveries!!