Friday, February 4, 2011

Maternity/Family Pictures

Our wonderfully talented friend, Taylor Helms, took some pictures for us a few weeks ago. I am pregnant, Haven is now 2, and Jeremy has a beard, so all three were good reasons for pictures. Well, maybe not the beard part, but I do love how he looks in these pictures. We took some in our house, some at a local park, and the rest at a cool store near our house, Freshly.


  1. You got some AMAZING shots! You look so pretty! Can't wait to actually SEE you tonight:)

  2. Bethany's right. These shots are amazing!! I love the ones with Haven and you guys holding hands or in the background. Also in love with the one of Jovie's name. And you do look beautiful!!

  3. so precious! love the picture of Jeremy trying to fit down the slide! =) hope you all are doing well! praying for little jovie!

  4. Oh WOW, all of these photos are amazing!!! You look gorgeous & your friend captured some precious moments! The photos of you on the stairs are very cool, what a neat angle!
    So exciting that you have made it past the 32 week mark, praise God! Keep cooking sweet Jovie! Blessings!