Saturday, October 30, 2010

Patterson Farm, Mt.Ulla, NC

Friday, Haven and I went to Patterson Farm with friends and family and had a blast. This was also Pop's (my dad) first offical field trip since his partial retirement began. They had an enormous amount of activities to participate in for $8 a person. Here's the run down: market store, face painting, puppet show, feeding farm animals, bee house, tractor ride, pick pumpkins, ride little tractors, big playground, corn kernel playbox, and picnic. They also had a small corn maze, rubber duck racing that we didn't go back to do and at some point they do pig races as well. Yesterday, we could have done those activities as many times as we wanted, but once was enough. We will definitely be going back again maybe to check out strawberry season.

Haven and Izzy feeding the goats

Cousin Jack and one the twins enjoying the puppet show.

Haven's horse

The little girls

Haven picking out her pumpkin.

Stella riding a tractor.

Sweet Bethany picked the bumpiest pumpkin of all and wanted to carry it around. She is so nurturing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God's Word

I have been over thinking this pregancy a little bit, but found this resource tonight for some encouraging scriptures to quote over me and this baby. God's word is powerful and I am going to use it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Haven is having a little

SISTER! We are thrilled. She was growing symmetrically and 5 days ahead of schedule. She was moving around like a little wrestler, but I still don't feel all of that movement. We are so thankful for a healthy 17 weeks so far.

Also, we are thankful that my dad fixed my car and that my camera wasn't broken after all. It was just on some weird setting. I told Jeremy it's funny how things seem to all fall apart and then it all gets put back together. God is so good to us.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Morrow Mountain

We traveled to Morrow Mountain State Park in Albemarle this past weekend for a camping trip with Jeremy's parents and Jackie. Haven loved watching the deer and having lots of attention from the grandparents and Jackie. We had a nice time enjoying the fall scenery and cool air. Except for a few issues with sleeping, breaking my camera, and hitting a post with my car; we had a splendid time. Thank you God for giving me a Daddy that can fix cars because he popped my bumper right back into place.

Haven helping decorate her monster pumpin.

Acorns wear hats, so she can wear it too.

Fall Foliage in Lake Tillery

Smooshed face fun in the pop up.

Yes, the deer really were that close. They must have been hungry.

Our campsite

Pretty as a Pumpkin

Haven was so cute in her pumpkin shirt that I made with a freezer paper stencil and clorox pen. She even let me put up her hair in pigtails for about 10 minutes, so I had to take a few pictures.

Here I am with baby #2 at 16 weeks. We go Tuesday for our ultrasound, so hopefully we will find out if we are having another girl or a little boy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Fun

The Little Gym is providing us lots of fun exercise this fall for mom and Haven. Bonnie and Stella came to our bring a friend class the other week. Bethany and Wendy also come to our class this fall and we are having a blast. Haven loves swinging on the bars, but likes to try out everything else as well. This past weeks highlight was the Bubble Fogger machine. You should google it. It was really cool. The bubbles come out looking like ping pong balls, but then burst into to fog. Awesome.

We also went to Denver Days last Saturday. This was Haven's first fair and it definitely kept her attention. She enjoyed a funnel cake, the music, and all of the other kids walking around.

This week we both have had runny noses, so we haven't been quite as active. We did spend a morning at the park and celebrated Pop's birthday. Daddy's off Monday for Columbus Day so we are looking forward to a great week, starting with church in the am.