Friday, April 16, 2010

An Author and an Award

Today was one of the best days of my life. I met my favorite author, Beverly Lewis. I started reading her "Holly's Heart" series as a tween and still love her books. She finally came on a book tour to NC and SC! Lyndsey and I went to meet her at Lifeway in Gastonia. She signed Haven's book, "What is God Like?" and she signed my "Holly's Heart #13." I got her to sign that particular book because she wrote that book in honor of all of the Hollys that had written her and my name is printed on her acknowledgments page.

I told Mrs. Lewis that I love amish culture because of her and that she made a huge impact on my life by writing about godly relationships and marriages. I know that the stories are fiction, but I held myself to high standards because of the way God always made things beautiful in her books.

I told you all that I thought I deserved an award for pumping breastmilk all of those months for sweet Haven. Well, I got one! The Wake Med Milk Bank sent me a certificate of appreciation for sending my frozen milk to them.


  1. Jessica and I tried to get there, we were running late and got turned around (I forgot which shopping center it was in), and we just missed her. Jessica was so sad, but tried to keep a brave face. Mrs. Lewis is such a fantastic author, I'm glad you got to meet her!

    By the way, I pumped for Allisyn (almost 12 years ago), but didn't get a certificate. But, I'll never forget the UPS guys face when he had to pick up that cooler that was labeled "Human Breat Milk"!! hahahahaha

  2. I'm very proud of your milk award. I know it doesn't really have anything to do with me, but hey you're my sister!