Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Child's Pace

Picture of our rock creations added for Traci!

I just read this nice article in Real Simple about a man learning from his daughter. He decided to let her set the speed of their walks, so she could explore and he encountered so much more of life.

This week, I actually did that too. After one loop around the neighborhood with the stroller at my speed, Haven was ready to get out and I let her explore. Here are the things we learned:

- The flight/landing patterns for many airplanes
- How long it takes an airplane to come into view and then out again
- That we have cute little sprigs of green grass/moss coming through a crack at the end of our driveway.
- That mulch should go in the bed rather than on the driveway
- That Joey has nice rocks in his driveway
- That Mrs. Laura has perfect sized twigs in her yard
- The little, street wondering dog is pretty cute
- Zoe, the dog, misses her owners throughout the day
- Flat rocks are easier to stack
- Rain puddles can be splashed
- Neighbor little girls think Haven is super cute and like to talk a lot
- Our street is perfect for bike riding
- Joe and Jacob turned 3, but can only hold up 2 fingers at the moment

Wow, all that in one, slow walk with my girl.

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  1. I think that's a fantastic idea. It takes "stop and smell the roses" to a whole new level and makes it more meaningful. What great memories, too. Any pictures?