Thursday, February 25, 2010

This past week

Haven and I went with friends to swim at Ray's on Monday. It was a lot of fun and she even let the water fall on her head and splash her. She has seemed to enjoy her baths more this week since our adventure.

Jeremy got Haven a "High School Musical" balloon for Valentine's day and it is carried around the house all day long. Yes, we have seen the movie and yes, we loved it.
Haven is getting really good at blowing her food and whistling along with others. She mainly hums, but her lips are so cute.
She likes to sing along with her favorite songs these days. It is so cute and I really hear a few correct words and sounds. She also is a pro at showing most body parts.

We really like her, we really like her a lot.


  1. too sweet! i love their little conversations!

  2. She is too cute, Holly! I love the video and all the pictures.

  3. Holly, I love the video! She is so stinking cute. Especially blinking those eyes and sticking out that tongue! Miss you. -Amber

  4. Holly, this video of Haven is adorable. It reminds me of my little sister when she was that age. she would just have the cutest little conversations with herself and you didnt know what she was saying but you knew she did. so cute:) Hope you guys are doing great!