Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wintry Mix Blast Explosion 2010

Beautiful snow fell Friday afternoon and into the night. We got about 4-5 inches with a little sleet on top. We have enjoyed our slow paced weekend. We have all slept well and enjoyed being together.

Haven's favorite thing to do right now is play with our shoes. She will go find shoes and carry them around and try to put them on our feet. She can also say shoes and socks.

We had a to make a horizontal snow man because the snow was so powdery at our house yesterday. Today it was much better snow ball and snow man quality because it was wet from melting.

Haven wouldn't smile for the camera. She wanted to lick the snow, not sit up and take pictures.

Attempt at a family picture. We should have asked a neighbor to take it.

I love how she looks at her daddy. He adores her too!

Today we ate lunch at Mom and Dad's and went sledding with the fam. Jake and Josh went down the hill a few times together.

Wendy and Bethany

Haven and the snowman at Grammy and Pop's.

Pop and his girls

Haven's First Sled Adventure

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