Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nice weather, Wolves, and Exit Appt.

We enjoyed the warmer weather so much over the past few days. Haven has loved being outside. She got to push around her toys and ride in her wagon. I told Jeremy that this is what we have dreamed about for so long. It was so fun to play with her and see how excited she was to touch dirt, crawl on concrete, and find treasures.

Jeremy played at the Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday with some buddies for a youth conference, so Haven and I went to check it out. I thought everything was really cool, except for the scorcery looking stuff on the treasure hunt that kids can do. The water park looks like so much fun. We will have to go back when Haven gets a little bigger.

Haven had her exit appointment yesterday at Cranial Technologies and she did so well. She got a graduation certificate and had her final digital pictures taken. She didn't even cry, which is a big deal since they put a stocking over her head like a bank robber.

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  1. That little movie is so funny. I love her waving at the neighbor.