Tuesday, November 3, 2009

RV pros and cons

On our recent trip to New England Haven took her first plane ride and we also drove an RV for the first time. I wanted to document the pros and cons, so that we won't forget and for those of you who wondered how it went.

-Campground life could be a lot of fun. Most of the campgrounds we stayed at were very nice with lots of playgrounds, ponds, rivers, and accommodations.
-It was nice to not have to pack up suitcases and a car everyday.
-We could take our time driving and take breaks whenever needed.
-Parking was very easy. Most places had special parking for RVs and we even got to park free a few places where cars had to pay.
-We bought groceries for the week and were able to eat 2 meals a day in the RV. We ate out lunch everyday at a unique spot where we were visiting.
-Hooking up the facilities was fairly easy at the campgrounds. Jeremy would just forget to put the caps back on some of the pipes.:)

-The price was higher to travel this way, but not outrageously more expensive.
-Although you don't have to repack everyday, you do have to secure everything before you start moving or you will have a mess on your hands.
-Our rent-a-rv didn't have comfortable beds or seating. We would definitely test out the mattresses before we ever do this again. We didn't sleep or relax very well.
-We rented a small rv and we really needed one more area/room for Haven to play/sleep. We had to get quiet whenever she was ready for bed.
-We weren't able to really enjoy the campgrounds because we got to them right at dark and then left early the next morning to get on the road.
-We had rain a few days and realized how dirty the camper could get really fast. I kept cleaning the floor. So bad weather could definitely mess up a trip if you enjoy clean things.

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