Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Am Ralph

I was hanging out with Haven this morning while Holly was out, being the tremendous father figure that I am. She was kinda fussy, probably getting over some junk in her nose from the past week. She started crying pretty hard in my arms, and none of my jokes were working. All of the sudden she started throwing up big time. I was so shocked that I froze up and couldn't go anywhere. I've only heard about throw-ups of this magnitude from other parents and also the movie Three Men And A Baby, starring Tom Selleck. I've haven't actually witnessed one yet. I just watched in slow motion as she continued to ralph all 4 oz of the bottle she just ate, on me, on her, on my arms, on the floor, everywhere. I have never been puked on by another person like that in my entire adult life, and I'm pretty sure my entire adolescent life too (although those years are a bit fuzzy). It was a big milestone for me in my life, so I had to take a picture of it. As you can see, it was amazing. The accuracy was Jordan-esque and the coverage on my shirt alone was larger than Haven's whole body.


  1. Oh Lord! Welcome to the pukey club.

  2. Yep, welcome to the club. I guess we forgot to tell you about the initiation... But, then no one warned us, either!

    Keep that picture, when a teenage Haven tries to claim that you're ruining her fashion statements, show her this!

  3. hahahaha. i literally laughed out loud at this. that is sick nasty, but she's still the most beautiful baby and niece ever:).

  4. whoa! so that's what 4 oz looks like as puke juice! Emilia did something similiar, but not nearly to that magnitude.