Sunday, October 11, 2009

TNEE Part 3- Massachusetts and back home

Springfield, Massachussetts is the home of Dr. Seuss. We visited the sculpture garden in his honor. We saw The Lorax (picture for Casey and Amber).

Oh, the place you'll go Haven! We can't wait to see for ourselves.

A shot of the RV, our home for the week. I am going to do a separate post on our pros/cons of the RV.

Haven and I on the Mayflower in Plymouth, Mass.

A painting class on the lawn near the Mayflower. Some of their paintings were beautiful. They really picked up on the colors of the panels on the ship that I didn't even notice at first.

Our Little Lobster

Finally, back in Charlotte at Cracker Barrel. Can you tell that she is a little tired and ready to relax? She slept so well back at home in her crib.

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