Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our New England Experiment Part 1

We left on Saturday, October 3rd for our New England Vacation. Haven turned over and slept on the flight to Boston as soon as we were taking off. We were so thankful she did so well on her first flight, plus it was super early in the morning.

We picked up the RV in Tyngsboro, MA and then headed off to Concord, NH. We stayed our first night right outside of Concord and had our first RV campground experience. They had a band playing in the activity room/bar until 11:30. We were pretty much parked right outside the door. Haven slept, we didn't.
Here are Haven and Jeremy partying it up in the Circle 9 Ranch honky tonk.

Day 2, we drove up the coast of New Hampshire and Maine on Highway 1. We went through Portsmouth, Kennebunkport, Portland, and Freeport. Kennebunkport was a very cute, little port town. There were lots of great stores to shop in and lots of beautiful houses along the way.

Freeport was another shopping town. It is the home of LL Bean, so there were 5 or so LL Bean stores. It was fabulous! I have always enjoyed the catalog, but the stores were so much better. They had everything from bikes to the cute red tennis shoes I got for $12. They had lots of outlet stores in Freeport and lots of places to eat. Jeremy got his first Lobster Melt Sandwich. Portland and Portsmouth were both beautiful towns. All of the homes and buildings had so much character and although old we were very surprised at how neat and fresh everything seemed.

Fun Fact: We noticed that most houses do not have gutters and most houses are made up multiple buildings that have been added on throughout the years. I loved the look the houses, not so symmetrical and cookie cutter like ours.

From Freeport, we headed to Leeds, Maine and stayed in a nice, quiet campground to rest for our next day of adventures. We got to Acadia National Park our next morning and drove around the park to see what all we should explore. We checked out the visitor's center and went to Seal Harbor. We rode on Highway 3 and saw some beautiful homes on Maine's rocky coast.

Day 3, we headed to Ellsworth, Maine right outside of Acadia National Park and stayed our third night in a beautiful campground on a lake. The leaves were gorgeous and Jeremy showed Haven how to skip rocks on the lake.

More to follow...

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