Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo! and Baby

Did she scare you? She was a peasant girl last weekend, a pumpkin last night, and now a friendly ghost or holy ghost as Jeremy would say.

Haven is excited about her new buddy Ella arriving last night. We were talking about how excited we are for Jack and Jennifer!

Our Halloween Costumes

We have been covered in snot for about a week and a half, so this is the perfect costume. Shoot, we don't even need costumes, our regular clothes show the proof. It is funny how a baby will cry when you wipe her nose with a soft cloth, but then she will itch her nose on our shirts to get off the snot and seems to enjoy that.

Just kidding, we aren't dressing up like snot. We are all starting to feel better now. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trip to Florida

Haven now has 6 flights under her belt and she did pretty well. We hope she will enjoy traveling as much as we do. This time we had to travel for a sad occasion because Granny Andler passed away. So to Panama City, Florida we flew and got to see lots of relatives. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Here is Uncle John teaching Haven to walk.

Haven loved this little car at the church where the funeral was held. I wish we would have bought this instead of her exersaucer.

We found out that Haven likes limes, just like cousin Levie.

Jeremy and Corrin having fun.

Rayna is so pretty.

Haven loved spending time with Aunt Lyndsey and cousins Maya and Levie.

Here is Haven on our 4th flight on this trip, while we were delayed and sitting on the airplane. Luckily there was an empty seat on our aisle, so we had a little more room.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

No tricks, just treats


What do a Romanian peasant girl(or german beer garden girl), Pebbles, and a ballerina have in common? They are all the sweetest girls in the world.
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Standing Up

Haven loves to stand up now to play with her toys or to get something she really shouldn't have. She learned to pull up in her crib today all by herself.
Granny, Vada Andler, passed away yesterday. We are headed to Panama City, Fl tomorrow to be with family for her funeral. Haven will get to meet a lot of her family for the first time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Sick Visit

We went for Haven's first sick visit to the doctor yesterday. She was running a fever and has a runny nose. I may have been a little overly worried, but we went anyway just to make sure she was okay. Her fever is gone, but her nose is still messy. She definitely feels better today.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Haven's Cranial Band

Haven got fitted for her DOC (Dynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty) Band today. Her head is slightly asymmetrical and could lead to jaw problems in the future, so we opted for the band now and maybe no problems in the future. She is doing really well with it for not enjoying wearing hats too much. She is a trooper.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TNEE Part 3- Massachusetts and back home

Springfield, Massachussetts is the home of Dr. Seuss. We visited the sculpture garden in his honor. We saw The Lorax (picture for Casey and Amber).

Oh, the place you'll go Haven! We can't wait to see for ourselves.

A shot of the RV, our home for the week. I am going to do a separate post on our pros/cons of the RV.

Haven and I on the Mayflower in Plymouth, Mass.

A painting class on the lawn near the Mayflower. Some of their paintings were beautiful. They really picked up on the colors of the panels on the ship that I didn't even notice at first.

Our Little Lobster

Finally, back in Charlotte at Cracker Barrel. Can you tell that she is a little tired and ready to relax? She slept so well back at home in her crib.

TNEE Part 2

Acadia National Park was beautiful. All National Parks are beautiful, but this one was unique because of the rocky coast and the beautiful leaves at this time of year. Cadillac Mountain had great views and it was super cold.

We hit Jordan's Pond Restaurant right at opening time and got to enjoy a few popovers with strawberry preserves and butter. Our meal was delicious. I had a spinach quiche and Jeremy had crabcakes. Popovers are their specialty and they are amazing. It isn't a biscuit or a danish, but amazing. It is hollow inside and the outside it cooked almost too dark, but it is delicious.

Maine's Rocky Coast

Picture of buoys in Maine for my mom

Fall leaves in Maine

Fall foliage in Vermont. It was beautiful. There were a lot of evergreens in Maine, but some of the mountains in Vermont were glowing and it was cloudy. I can't imagine how beautiful it would have been in the sun. Every turn we took it just got prettier. This area of the country is a photographer's dream. Most towns have rivers running along side the main road and farm houses are perched along the water. Just dreamy.

Cabot Cheese Factory. This tour surprised us. It was fabulous. We learned all about how Cabot makes the best cheese and the best part was the tasting room. Yum!

More fall foliage

Ben and Jerry's Factory. It was cool to see how ice cream is made, but the design of the factory made the biggest impact. It is very colorful and there are lots of huge murals of cows and ice cream. We tasted Oatmeal Cinnamon something and Haven got a her first lick. It really only touched her lips and she didn't seem to like it.

New Haven, Vermont

We had to get a picture of Haven in New Haven. This was a cute nursery that had lots of fall flowers and pumpkins. She loved the hay.

Sweet girl
The weather was incredible. We enjoy cold weather and Haven seemed to like it as well. We got her this cute hat in Target in NH. It seemed that they had much warmer clothes there than our stores do.

Jeremy and Haven went through the museum to learn all about maple syrup and I shopped. For those of you that don't know me well, I have this stupid fear of taxodermy animals. Plus, this museum had lots of mannequins. I get hot and nervous and just couldn't make myself walk through it. I felt like a nerd, but Jeremy said Haven enjoyed it. The tasting room was also a highlight at this museum.

Yankee Candle Company Village

This place is magical. Not only can you find any Yankee Candle that you could ever dream of, but there are 100 other things you can do there. The complex is full of seasonal decorations, child friendly activities, a Christmas land with Santa, toy store, candy store, and a delicious restaurant. I think the whole family would enjoy visiting the village.

Our New England Experiment Part 1

We left on Saturday, October 3rd for our New England Vacation. Haven turned over and slept on the flight to Boston as soon as we were taking off. We were so thankful she did so well on her first flight, plus it was super early in the morning.

We picked up the RV in Tyngsboro, MA and then headed off to Concord, NH. We stayed our first night right outside of Concord and had our first RV campground experience. They had a band playing in the activity room/bar until 11:30. We were pretty much parked right outside the door. Haven slept, we didn't.
Here are Haven and Jeremy partying it up in the Circle 9 Ranch honky tonk.

Day 2, we drove up the coast of New Hampshire and Maine on Highway 1. We went through Portsmouth, Kennebunkport, Portland, and Freeport. Kennebunkport was a very cute, little port town. There were lots of great stores to shop in and lots of beautiful houses along the way.

Freeport was another shopping town. It is the home of LL Bean, so there were 5 or so LL Bean stores. It was fabulous! I have always enjoyed the catalog, but the stores were so much better. They had everything from bikes to the cute red tennis shoes I got for $12. They had lots of outlet stores in Freeport and lots of places to eat. Jeremy got his first Lobster Melt Sandwich. Portland and Portsmouth were both beautiful towns. All of the homes and buildings had so much character and although old we were very surprised at how neat and fresh everything seemed.

Fun Fact: We noticed that most houses do not have gutters and most houses are made up multiple buildings that have been added on throughout the years. I loved the look the houses, not so symmetrical and cookie cutter like ours.

From Freeport, we headed to Leeds, Maine and stayed in a nice, quiet campground to rest for our next day of adventures. We got to Acadia National Park our next morning and drove around the park to see what all we should explore. We checked out the visitor's center and went to Seal Harbor. We rode on Highway 3 and saw some beautiful homes on Maine's rocky coast.

Day 3, we headed to Ellsworth, Maine right outside of Acadia National Park and stayed our third night in a beautiful campground on a lake. The leaves were gorgeous and Jeremy showed Haven how to skip rocks on the lake.

More to follow...

10 Months on Friday

Haven is 10 months old and she is super active. She is getting up on her hands and knees and still army crawling to get around. She is pulling up on us and you can see in her eyes that she wants to run around so bad. She is getting so strong. Haven is a jabber queen. She tells us stories now and it seems that she talks to her toys as well.

Look at all of those teeth. She has 4 on top and 2 on bottom. We could have made another million bucks on vacation last week if we were charging for people to talk to her like one of the attractions we visited. I guess people in New England don't see many babies. We were once again told continually that we have a happy baby and an entertainer. She was so sweet and very friendly.
She swung for the first time, had a lick of ice cream, and slept in a big bed with bolsters. She is eating well and fitting in 6-12 clothes finally. She brings so much joy to us. We love seeing her grow!

Here is another sneak peak of our trip. More to follow.