Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 months on 09-09-09

Haven is 9 months old and she is a ball of fire. She is known for her screams of delight, smiley face, and enthusiastic rolling. She is army crawling and creeping wherever her little heart desires. She waves and says "byebye." We are pretty sure that she knows that "dada" is Jeremy because it always fits the scenario. She is in a love/hate relationship with blocks. She adores "The itsy bitsy spider" and that song has gotten us out of many meltdowns. She is extremely observant and now enjoys pulling fuzz off of the rugs/carpets/toys. She then puts the fuzz in her mouth and chomps. We could have gotten rich off of her on Saturday at the Labor Day craft show at Oak Island because so many people stopped to ooh and aah over her. We should have charged $1 a show. Everybody says how happy Haven is. Pretty much every person we meet say, "She is such a happy baby." I asked Jeremy if he thought God was trying teach us something, just because it is so odd that we rarely get other comments. I'll take a happy baby any day over some of the alternatives! She is pure joy and we are having so much fun watching her grow. We had a visit today from Early Intervention and Mrs. Lou said she thinks she might be caught up by 1 year or really close. She is already functioning less than 1 month behind, not 2. Praise God!

We went to Picture People tonight to get a few shots for 9 months. They turned out super cute with her squirrel hat and cowboy boots!


  1. She is pure sunshine Holly. I can't wait to squeeze her again.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous and she is getting so big!!!! Love y'all!

  3. She is adorable!!! I love the cowgirl boots.