Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do I deserve an award?

Remember this post.

After 8.5 months and some, the day has finally come. I am packing up my best friend, the pump. She came into my life earlier than I expected and stayed a lot longer than I expected, but she treated me well. We worked hard together to make Haven strong and stored up lots of milk for many babies to use in NICUs around North Carolina and filled our own freezer here at home. She was a good friend, morning, noon, and night and all of the other times in between. The sad thing is I won't miss her. She did her job and now the time has come to be packed up, to return again we do not know.

I know many people breastfeed and pump longer than me, but I am celebrating today and I feel like I won a huge crystal trophy. Jeremy and I love making fake certificates, so maybe I will just make my own certificate signed by the president of the La Leche League International! Haha

Thanks Pumpy, you did a great job!


  1. YAY! it's over! :) Haven says thanks for all that mommy milk!

  2. Congratulations on that accomplishment. 8 1/2 months is a long time. Enjoy celebrating!

  3. Proud of you Holly! You hung in there and provided our sweet girl the nutrients she needed! I'm so happy for you too, must be a relief and you do deserve a Reward..Jeremy needs to take you out and we will Haven sit..shes our doll. Lynne