Thursday, July 16, 2009


Haven didn't make many noises the first two months of her life. She just slept and ate as a little preemie. Uh, something changed. She has been making lots of noise ever since then. Gurgling, babbling, whining, squealing. The past few weeks it has changed to a full out scream. I mean a loud, ear piercing scream. Sometimes it just means she's playing, but most often she is bored or unhappy. It is funny, but loud and a little unnerving as well. If you hear a screaming baby in a restaurant it is probably us. It really doesn't even sound like a screaming baby more like a screaming little girl.


  1. maybe she's just practicing her high notes:). there are a lot of singers in the family. she's precious and i can't wait to see her!

  2. i know it gets annoying (i've experienced it with Kathryn when she was that age), but that scream is so cute!!!I love her sweet little face!!!! =D