Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look "hoo's" 7 months old!

Haven is such a funny and entertaining child. She is very clear about her feelings and shares her thoughts through her screams, eyebrow movements, or body movements. She is getting close to sitting by herself. She picked up a puff with her thumb and pointer finger today and put it in her mouth. She really didn't enjoy eating the puff. Haven enjoys playing in her crib now and we found her sleeping on her side the other morning. She looked like a big girl. She can roll around on the floor to get to her toys. We are so blessed to have such a sweet girl.


  1. cool new blog- i was just on shabby blogs last night...this one is much easier to read with the light background.. haven's a cutie! way to go using the pincer grasp picking up the puff!! yay!

  2. I love the shot of her and your dad! She's becomming such a big girl.

  3. Saw your post on Kelly's Korner, so I thought I'd pop over to say Hi. I live right outside Charlotte as well. Your baby girl is adorable.