Saturday, June 6, 2009

Congrats Jim & Pam!

It's a little belated, but our good friends Jim and Pam (soon to be) Halpert are expecting a little baby! I don't think they were planning on it but they are super excited. When I texted Jim he was like, "Man, I don't know how this happened" and I was like, "Man, do I need to fill you in on a little bio lesson?" and he was like "Man, nah, I know how it happened but this is crazy" and I was like "Just call me cause these texting rates are not cool." Anyways, we know they'll be great parents, and I'm sure Michael Scarne will think he's part-father since Jim and Pam met at his office. Haven already told me she wanted them to name their baby "Haven" regardless if it's a boy or girl. Also, she wanted to give future Halpert baby a shout out (see below). We'll see you guys next weekend at Olive Garden. Those unlimited, butter-soaked breadsticks are already making my mouth water ... that's what she said ...

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