Friday, May 22, 2009

Haven, the name

Haven and I have been at the beach this week with Grammy, Wendy, Jake and Bethany. Jeremy got here last night with the laptop! Just kidding, Jeremy got here last night and I was so excited to see him. Haven was already asleep, but I think she knows he is here because she went down easier and is still asleep. It is 8:30am and the past few nights she has gotten up in the middle of night, which is so unlike her normal sleeping pattern. I will post more about the beach trip later with pictures.

The past few days I have seen the name Haven twice and just wanted to document it. I first saw the name about this time last year on a baby show on The Discovery Channel. However, it was a baby boy. But it went on the girl list. This week while at the beach I have watched Bravo a little bit and the new show The Fashion Show has been on. There a contestant on there named Haven. It kind of caught me off guard to hear it on tv, so I looked it up. Her name is Haven and she is from Tennessee. She is a fashion designer and she may be a diva. Then this morning while pumping and surfing the blog world, I saw a post on Mckmama's blog ( and she posted her favorite baby names. The second one was Haven. It made me smile. She obviously likes unusual names based on the rest of her list. I just thought it was interesting to see the name Haven in the public eye.

I love my Haven! She is growing so fast. I have a great video to post when we get home.

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