Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun times

We had an eventful weekend. On Saturday morning I ran my 2nd 5K post-pregnancy. The weather was perfect, the course was fun, and I felt great. I just wish Wendy could have ran with me, but she came to cheer me on.

Saturday at lunch time, we went to our first NICU/ICN (they are interchangeable) picnic. Every year, Presbyterian hosts a picnic with games and food for preemie graduates and their families. We saw our nurse, Erica, that was in the operating room with us when Haven was born. We also saw two babies that were in there with Haven and then a few friends from the past that have preemie graduates as well. So, it was a nice experience.

On Sunday, we had Haven's dedication ceremony at Wilora Lake where Jeremy's dad preaches. We dedicated her back to God the day we found out we were pregnant and every day since then. But we had the traditional, public dedication just to say that Jeremy and I will teach her about God and do our best to raise her to love him.

In this picture, Haven is wearing the dress that Wendy and I wore when we were dedicated 30 and 28 years ago.

Bethany, Haven, Stella, and Jake. So sweet!


  1. Lyndsey AndlerTuesday, May 05, 2009

    oh i so wish i could of been at haven's dedication! :(....everyone was definitely in my thoughts that day though.

  2. All the babies! :) Your parents must be so happy to have so many grandchildren, AND so close in age. That's perfect!