Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Owl

My sister got Haven the cutest Baby Legs for Christmas. I love them, but I couldn't figure out what she could wear with them. As I looked around at some websites I saw really cute shirts with appliques on them, so I decided to make Haven an owl shirt to match her Baby Legs.

Daddy and Haven were playing Hide and Go Seek, but she hadn't found him yet.

She doesn't look very happy. I am pretty sure she hates wearing a headband.

I used my trunk of scraps and just sewed around the edges. I bought some glue to keep the edges from fraying and although it dries clear it doesn't look fabulous. So, next time I will seal the edges before I sew. (These pictures are pre-edging adhesive.)Any ideas on making shirts with scraps? How do I make the edges look better? I plan on making shirts for her at most holidays using my scraps.


  1. oh my word i cannot wait to kiss those cheeks!!!

  2. i made that comment about kissing the cheeks(Lyndz)...not some random anonymous person. haha.

  3. I am so impressed! You are amazing! One day I know that I'll have enough sleep and energy to get back into crafty stuff...just not today. Amber