Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend at Oak Island Part 1

We had a wonderful weekend at Oak Island. Grammy and Pop's new house is beautiful and the restful break was much needed after a long 3.5 months. Haven enjoyed the change of scenery and we really enjoyed spending some time with our cousins Pete, Dana, Boyd, and Kyli. Boyd ate a whole plate of crablegs and Kyli used her imagination to think of every possible milkshake in the world.

The weather was a little cloudy and it rained in the night, with a few sprinkles during the day. The temperature was really nice. We enjoyed a nice walk and I had a wonderful run to the beach and back. Haven didn't really like the cold sand, but she did well while I took some cute pictures. Enjoy!

Daddy isn't choking her, she just jumped into her Wonder Woman pose!
She's already got Lynda Carter's blue eyes

Yoga on the beach. Namaste

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  1. cute! lasting memories! i can't wait for stella's feet to touch the sweet!