Saturday, March 7, 2009

Turn that frown upside down!

Haven has started smiling! The last few days in February she started to get a sweet, happy look on her face, so we knew it was coming. We had to wait 8 weeks extra since she came so early. We were so ready to see her sweet smile and at 12.5 weeks here it is....


  1. oh my word that was awesome!!! i just teared up...she is beautiful!

  2. i just keep watching it over and over! holly, i love your excited voice in this!

  3. This is so wonderful to watch!!!I love it! She is such a doll. She's going to turn this world for the better with this smile. I know she has mine. I hope Jeff can find an internet cafe in Africa to watch this, it'll make his day.
    Keep smiling, Love Meme

  4. WOW! I love it. but i think i almost like hearing holly laugh and jeremy's "baby talk" more! love you guys and it was so good to finally see her!

  5. That smile is a show stopper! God has placed Haven with such a wonderful, loving mommy and daddy....there will be many more of those treasures!

    Love you,

  6. So cute. I hadn't seen her smile so big. Can't help but smile back at her. What a big girl! Maybe she'll smile at Jake and Bethany like that soon.