Thursday, February 5, 2009

7lbs. 12oz

Haven had a RSV preventative shot yesterday and I had the nurse weigh her while we were there. It was a very exciting to see that she has grown so much. We can tell in her little cheeks and the rolls forming on her legs. She has really cried a lot this week, very loud and piercing cries. She definitely has a great set of lungs.

We got snow this time on Woodcock Trail! I went out for an adventure, but Jeremy and Haven stayed on the porch. It was just a little too cold for her. She made a funny face when the wind blew.

I love this little outfit. The cardigan is so sweet.

Daddy and his girl hanging out after a long day. What a sweet pair!

Grammy is holding Haven's little feet. Wonder where those little feet will walk?

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  1. So many fists for Haven and she is a trooper. Wow 7:12 she's doing great. First snow , First shot and 2nd weekend we can't see her because I'm under the weather. Bummer. Tell her way to go and we will see her soon.Love, Meems