Saturday, February 28, 2009

So sweet

Haven is such a sweetie. She is on the brink of smiling at us when we talk and kiss on her. We can't wait for the big grin.

I love the way she stretches her short little arms up in the air. (BTW, that is our awesome new duvet that she is laying on!)

She really enjoys bathtime as long as the water isn't too cold. She really likes the nice rub as we dry her off.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Ladybug

Monday we got a few pictures taken of Haven. She did really well, better than expected. She was wide awake and looking cute as can be. She is really growing. Last night, she ate at 9:30pm, went to sleep around 10:30pm, and didn't wake up again until 4:00am. WOW! I was so excited and hope that this continues. If not, it will happen soon enough. She is such a sweet girl especially in the middle of the night.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Bunny Loves Me

As I sit here and watch the 2009 NBA All-Star festivities in Phoenix, AZ, I can't help but think, "Wow, my wife and I are doing absolutely nothing this Valentine's day night." But then I smile because I just typed "day night", and since the reason we're doing nothing is because we're holding a tiny non-alien life form which actually makes for a sensational Valentine's day. Night. Speaking of alien life forms, it'd be great if A.L.F. made a comeback, or some sort of major motion picture. She wore her shirt that says "Some bunny loves me". It's a cute shirt. But I guarantee you I love her more than any bunny could ever imagine. More like, "Some body loves me", and those bodies are daddy and mommy. You truly do love them more and more every day. It's a good picture of God's love for us. Also a good feeling on this day of love, in honor of St. Randy Valentine.

Now it's time to get hype for the dunk contest. No telling what Dwight Howard has up his cape...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New buddies

Today Haven and I visited my friend Stephanie and her new baby, Drew. He is 1 week, 1 day old and was absolutely adorable. He and Haven really "hit" it off. You can see her actually hitting him in the picture. Sorry Drew! It is not easy to take pictures of newborns.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

7lbs. 12oz

Haven had a RSV preventative shot yesterday and I had the nurse weigh her while we were there. It was a very exciting to see that she has grown so much. We can tell in her little cheeks and the rolls forming on her legs. She has really cried a lot this week, very loud and piercing cries. She definitely has a great set of lungs.

We got snow this time on Woodcock Trail! I went out for an adventure, but Jeremy and Haven stayed on the porch. It was just a little too cold for her. She made a funny face when the wind blew.

I love this little outfit. The cardigan is so sweet.

Daddy and his girl hanging out after a long day. What a sweet pair!

Grammy is holding Haven's little feet. Wonder where those little feet will walk?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy "O" Birthday, Baby Girl!

I haven't written my newsletter for HOPE for the home the past two months, so today is a great day to write.

Today is Haven's official due date (day 0) and although I knew it would be a great day I didn't expect it to be quite so emotional. She made it! When she was born she had no problems like so many of the babies we encountered in the NICU, but she was little. We were overwhelmed, but we trusted God. "I trust you, Lord," is something I repeated throughout my pregnancy and especially that first weekend in December.

Today is a praiseworthy day. My eyes are filled with tears because she is perfect. She's still a little furry and she is still learning how to do everything a newborn should do, but she is perfect.

Yesterday was a remarkable day. She swung in her swing for the first time. Early Saturday morning she flipped around in her crib. We have no idea how she did that. We went out for a ride as a family. Her eyes are bright and her lungs are working perfectly. Every day she has gotten louder and louder. When laying on her tummy she can turn her head from side to side.

Tomorrow will be a +1 day. She won't be "early" anymore. We will continue to adjust her age by two months for developmental milestones for 2 years, but tomorrow will be brighter. We can breath a little easier.

The future will be filled with many "I trust you, Lord" days. I can't even imagine how many thousands of times I will repeat that phrase: her first steps, her first day of school, her first overnight event. Thousands of opportunities to trust, but just the mention of His name calms fears, brings hope, and straightens our paths.

She is laying perpendicular to her swaddle.