Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dewing Our Best

Well, she's at 37 1/2 weeks now. Almost 0 years old, and we already feel like old pros. But seriously, not really. We're still figuring things out and getting used to this new life. We can definitely tell a difference in her little face. Since she's still a little early, she mostly just sleeps and eats every couple hours, and makes a bunch of grunting noises. If she ever cries it's only for 35 seconds at a time, max. So we're enjoying that for now. I'm sure once she hits her original due date, she'll come out of her shell and really let it fly. She's not too active just yet so we decided to pump her with 12 oz of caffiene every 6 hours, just to see some movement. Since we started that routine last week, it's been fun watching her jump rope, build fires, and do the perfect push-up (as seen on tv). She also kills at the "downward facing dog" from her Johnson & Johnson yoga dvd. Namaste Haven, very namaste.

1 comment:

  1. How creative is that...she will treasure the help with the Dew..I can't say it enough...she is sooooo cute and lucky to have parents like you and Holly. Love Mom/Meems/MeMe or whatever she calls me