Saturday, July 26, 2014

More summer fun

Last Friday, we went to the Columbia Zoo and had so much fun with our cousins and Grammy. I didn't take any pictures, but Wendy did. Jensen loved the giraffes. Jovie liked the Gaboon Viper. Haven loved the Dippin Dots. haha

This past Thursday, we met up with friends at CiCi's Pizza for a tour. Jovie liked going into the kitchen. Haven loved the big fridge. Jensen loved the game room.

They got to make a pizza and then eat their creation. Jensen ate most of the toppings before they made it to the pizza.

We had a great time with the Bruces and Trents, plus the pizza was yummy!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

First visit to Tweetsie

We made a trip to Blowing Rock last Friday for our first Tweetsie Railroad experience. We got on the train as soon as we got there. 

Haven was super excited!

This girls hair was incredible. The bump was at least 7-8 inches off the top of her head.

Jovie didn't like the gun shooting, but Haven and Jensen enjoyed it.

The weather was perfect and the kids loved the rides.

Riding on a very open chair lift is really scary with an energetic toddler.


Feeding the animals.

Scooby Do and Shaggy were there. The show was pretty funny.

More Rides!

Jovie was picking the man's nose. I didn't know this was happening until I uploaded this picture. haha

We stopped at the bbq restaurant on the way home. What a great day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

oh my!

It finally happened. The girls dressed Jensen up. It was a costume, but still they had fun for 15 minutes calling him their little sister.

A few days later, they made my heart soar while all sitting quietly coloring together.

It has been a little louder and entrancing at our house because Jeremy finished installing our surround sound. 

Lyndsey sent us this picture of the girls sleeping together. So sweet!

Monday, June 30, 2014

sweet summertime

Our schedule has been different everyday with lots of fun memories being made. The last few weeks after I workout at the Y, we stay for a lunch picnic and swimming.

Last week, we went to Dan Nicholas park with the McSwains and Bradleys for the day. We swam at our neighbor's house. We went to the Nature Museum with the Bradleys.

We went to see fireworks at the high school on Friday night. They had lots of good music, vendors, and fun! It was neat to be at such a huge community event with our family.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

sweet moments

Pop and Grammy kept the girls one night. Haven was snuggling with Pop on the couch.

Then Jovie snuggled with Haven.

Watching Jovie play is hilarious. She can pretend play for hours with her characters. Also, this is what our playroom looks like every few days. haha

Haven plays just as hard, but her favorite place has been the bathtub lately. At least it is getting some use!