Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pretty Winter Days

One great thing about NC is our mild winter days.  We have had some spring like weather and it is lovely.  The kids enjoyed playing at the park with friends and then riding the Scott's golf cart a few days ago.

Jeremy and I enjoyed a morning at South Mountain Park.  It was cold, but we warmed up quick with the steep hike.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Father-Daughter Dance at School

The teachers at Catawba Springs hosted a father daughter dance.  The girls were thrilled. They loved dressing up and going somewhere special with daddy.  They danced their hearts out, ate some goodies, and then headed home around 8pm.  They were worn out.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Winter fun

The kids missed a few days of school with the snow a few weeks ago.  We went bowling with preschool friends and had a good time.  The kids liked it for about 30 minutes and then they were ready to go to the games.

We met up with Avery, Claire and their little siblings.

Jensen loves games.  We didn't really play any, but just sitting on them was enough fun.

We had snow for an extra few days for them to play in without snowsuits.  It was fun.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Much Fun!

We had a crazy week of activity. We started at the beach, went to Hickory, Haven had one day of school, and then it snowed! It snowed a little bit while Jovie was at dance on Wednesday and it was exciting. 

On Thursday morning, I had my first mammogram and it went fine.  No problems, praise God!

We woke up Friday morning to a white out.  It was beautiful and the kids were thrilled. 

We went out and came in, went out, came in, and on and on and on.

We played with the Taylors.

Haven wore the snowsuit that Wendy and I had when we were little.  She was warm.

This is how I felt about the snow.  It was cold.

We visited the Pettersons.

While inside, I finally got our t-shirt quilt topper done.  I decided to make a king size blanket for our bed, so now I just have to decide what to do for the backing!

Saturday, we did it all again! Snow much fun!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A New Year Begins

We have flown right in to the new year and the first month is over halfway over.  We have had some exciting moments.  Jensen has been potty training for a while now and he got a huge tiger to sleep with as his prize.

He likes to poop on the little potty in a quiet, private spot or in his pants. :(

I cooked a few meals I was proud of.

We've had some cold days, so warm clothes and snuggles have been in order.

Amber made a beautiful quilt out of the girls' baby clothes.  It is beautiful and so special.

We headed to the beach for MLK, Jr. weekend. The kids enjoy the dvd players on trips like this.

Saturday was sunny and nice, so my ghetto guys were digging holes.

Somehow, the little ones weren't cold.

We played at the park for a while because we knew cold days were ahead of us.

Back to the beach for more fun.  Haven made a giant, corn cob.  Not sure why.

Sunday, it was rainy and cold.  We rode the ferry over to Fort Fisher.

The aquarium was a hit as usual.

We drove on to Wilmington for lunch and to visit the Cape Fear Museum.

They enjoyed the beaver dam exhibit the most.

They had a fun room full of toys, costumes, games, etc.

We got back home on Monday night and had piggy back rides.

The kids were out of school for a few extra days, so we went to Hickory to visit the Catawba Science Center and Art Museum.

Grammy and Pop kept the kids on Tuesday night for us and we got to have a nice date night!