Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Firsts

Jovie and Jensen started preschool last week. Jovie is in the 3 year old class and Jensen is in the Mother's Morning Out class. Jovie went last year so she knew what to expect.

Jovie wasn't excited at first. She said she didn't want to grow up and die. haha

Then she saw her name on the wall and her friends. Her tune changed.

Jensen started on Thursday, but we let him play in his room for a few minutes. He did great on Thursday! He and Trip had fun playing.

We ate lunch together after Jovie's first day and they were so cute sitting together.

They love wearing their backpacks.

 Jensen went right in and didn't cry a bit. He will be going Tuesday and Thursday, so I can go to Haven's school to volunteer some.

Jeremy bought Jovie flowers for her first day of school. Haven got some last week too and hers were just as unique and beautiful.

Jovie started gymnastics last week and loved it. She has looked forward to this for a long time. 

Now, we just have to get settled into this new routine.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Beach Trip

This year our beach trip was different because it had to fit in between the school weeks. So, we got to the beach house at bedtime Friday and had to leave Monday morning. We squeezed in as much beach time as we could and had so much fun.

Lyndsey and Haven were out in the rough waves in no time.

We went to Southport to show Lyndsey around since she had never been there. We ate at The Frying Pan which is a great experience and good food.

Our Family

My mom and sister made this cute sign with all of our favorite places.

We spent some time relaxing.

These two are funny.

Cheesin on the beach

We hit up our favorite ice cream spot ont he way home!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

summer days dwindling away

I took my kids and bethany to the nature museum last Tuesday because the big girls didn't have kindergarten. We watched the "Creatures of the Night" show and loved the baby house mice.





The outdoor play area is amazing. They were all laying in the dragonfly's wings which are hammocks.

Haven got in trouble while we were outside and I was trying to explain to her that she was making a bad choice because she wasn't getting to play with the others and she was going to miss out on a special treat. As we were leaving we looked down and saw this heart shadow. It was coming from the tree's leaf above us, but I reminded her that God loves her and I that I love her no matter what. 

 Wednesday, the kids and I went to Jetton Park. They loved the beach area and wanted to dive in. They got dirty, but not soaked. I forget to pack extra clothes.

We had a picnic by the lake and then played on the playground.

The girls were so comfy in this swing they were hoping to fall asleep.

Wednesday night, Jeremy joined us an amazing time at Chuck e Cheese's. The kids loved playing the games. It was a blast.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Discovery Place

We had a great day uptown at Discovery Place last week. We could have stayed longer, but Jensen needed a nap. We met Jake, Beth and Wendy to play for a while. Jeremy came to play for a while and we also explored by ourselves for a while.

Haven loved the snake. 

The girls played forever in this area. It was so sweet to watch them savor these last moments with each other before school starts.